Makestick X Prime


Items In Stick:

  • Alpha N
  • Sanwa 30mm White
  • Brook Universal
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Introducing the MakeStick Prime Arcade Stick: Where Precision Meets Authenticity

Experience gaming like never before with the MakeStick Prime Arcade Stick. Meticulously crafted, it combines the Alpha N Joystick from Korea, Sanwa Japanese push buttons, the Brook Universal PCB, and a hydraulic-supported case.

Alpha N Joystick: Enjoy unparalleled accuracy and control for executing flawless moves and combos.


Sanwa Push Buttons: Get an authentic arcade feel with tactile feedback and lasting durability.

sanwa buttons obsf-30 white


Brook Universal PCB: Connect seamlessly to various platforms with minimal latency, ensuring lightning-fast responses.

Universal Fighting Board


Hydraulic-Supported Case: Designed for both comfort and aesthetics, the case offers adjustable angles for ergonomic gameplay.


From precision to authenticity, the MakeStick Prime Arcade Stick redefines gaming excellence. Whether you’re a competitive player or seeking nostalgic thrills, it’s your ultimate companion on the path to gaming mastery.

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