GSI Refurbish Items Policy

  1. Private details of Saller and Purchaser will be confidential.
  2. If you want to send products to customers via Game Store India currier service. You will need to contact us. Seller and Customer will need to pay 50% 50% delivery changes + 10% of the selling item price.
  3. You will need to show the original bill of the item to GIS. Before adding any item.
  4. The seller needs to show their own complete details. (Address, Contact number, Email address, Aadhar card, and Bank details)
  5. Seller will receive payments within 7 days. (If purchaser returns item within 7 days, then seller need to refund all money back to the purchaser, if you sent product via GSI delivery service then your courier charges will not be refunded)
  6. All items will be reviewed before adding to the website.
  7. The seller will need to confirm if its item sold out of the GSI website.
  8. If the item not working and damaged, the seller will be responsible this that. GSI will not be responsible.
  9. Seller and purchaser will need to make a video of the product before selling and purchasing so one can complain about for damaged item. 

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