PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus

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“Power up your fighting stick; Ready for the next victory.”

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Support play PS4 Games on PS5!


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The Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus is the PCB that supports PS3, PS4, and PC. Within this fighting Board, you will?have the best experiences of playing all kinds of fighting games.

  • Compatible with all PS3 / PS4 buttons and Xinput on PC
  • Eighteen different button configurations
  • Four different Player LED
  • Support One Touchpad function (optional purchase)
  • Support Turbo Key function
  • Automatically change the modes on different consoles?
  • Manually change PS3/PS4/PC modes
  • Support two SOCD modes
  • Support LS, RS, and DP modes
  • Firmware upgradable


Fighting Board Plus

Fighting Board Plus


Fighting Board Plus

Fighting Board Plus

Fighting Board Plus

Emulate function

Fighting Board Plus




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