Sanwa OBSF 30mm Pushbuttons

Original Sanwa OBSF-30 30mm Push Buttons at lowest price from anywhere. Color available: Black, Green, Red, and White.

(Minimum order 5 buttons)

  • Eligible for Cash on Delivery.
  • 100% Original Sanwa Buttons.
  • Fast and secure delivery
Choose Color Black , White , Green , Red


Choose Color Black , White , Green , Red


The SANWA OBSF series is considered the standard in high-quality Japanese arcade and commercial joystick pushbuttons. These buttons are compatible with the MadCatz line of FightSticks, Qanba FightSicks, and Hori Fightsticks.? These buttons are specifically for custom joysticks that use a metal control panel.

Sanwa’s 30mm button snaps right into most configurations and offers the best reaction time, smoothest and quietest of any button.? The buttons are available in a variety of colors for great customization. Additionally, you can swap out?the button plungers for even more customization.



Choose Color Black , White , Green , Red


Choose Color Black , White , Green , Red

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