ST- Tension Grommet with Bobbin


Buy ST-45 Medium Tension Rubber Grommet for 300 Series Lever at the lowest price. Save money from import duty and save the delivery time.

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The Samducksa 300 Series of joysticks commonly utilize a rubber grommet, which acts similar to a spring in a joystick lever.? It helps the shaft return to a neutral position after a direction is pressed and microswitch is engaged.

The ST High Tension Rubber Grommet is designed for those who appreciate more force needed to engage the lever’s microswitch, plus a faster return to neutral.

If you intend to replace an existing grommet:

  1. First lift the battop and shaft from the joystick body. ?To do this, you must remove the e-clip at bottom of the lever. ?A mini screwdriver wedged into the e-clip often works, pulling the clip away from the shaft. ?Be careful not to lose the e-clip, as it can fly off the shaft from the pressure. Lift the shaft upwards and put aside. ?The actuator may also loosen from the microswitches which is normal – you can put it back on when reinstalling the e-clip.
  2. Second, remove the 4 long screws that hold the mounting plate and upper body in place. Remove the original grommet from its housing by pulling on the plastic ring with your thumb and fingers.

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