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Discover Wingman FGC: the ultimate arcade joystick converter designed for fighting game enthusiasts. With high precision, zero-lag performance, and effortless USB connectivity, it’s your key to seamless gaming on PS5 (Fighting Games Only), PS4, and PC (X-input). Unlock advanced features like Turbo and Remap, and explore compatibility with over 60 fight sticks from 20+ brands. Elevate your gameplay with Wingman FGC.


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Introducing Wingman FGC, the ultimate solution for arcade joystick enthusiasts and fighting game aficionados. Engineered by dedicated professionals with a passion for gaming, Wingman FGC is a cutting-edge joystick converter that promises high precision, zero-lag performance, and unparalleled ease of use.

Its effortless USB connectivity makes it a breeze to set up, allowing you to dive into your favorite fighting games without delay.

Wingman FGC is compatible with a wide range of consoles, including PS5 (Fighting Games Only), PS4, and PC (X-input), when connected via a wired connection with your fighting stick. For compatibility details, refer to the diagram provided in our product photos.

With support for over 60 fight sticks from more than 20 renowned brands, and Dualshock 4 Wingman FGC offers unmatched versatility. Explore the complete list of compatible arcade joysticks on our official website: Wingman FGC – Converter for PS5 Fighting Game & FGC (

Unlock advanced functionalities with Wingman FGC, including Turbo and Remap features that can be easily toggled on and off. Take advantage of our updated firmware to save multiple settings tailored to your preferred characters or games.

Each package includes one Wingman FGC converter, your gateway to enhanced gaming experiences and competitive edge. Elevate your gameplay to new heights with Wingman FGC – where precision meets performance.




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