Wingman SD


May the force be with Saturn and Dreamcast…forever.
240 blocks?of DC memory(Firmware upgrade required)!
Support vibration!
Now, it’s time to?use Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller to play Shenmue!
Let PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Switch Pro Controllers insert more power to Saturn and Dreamcast!

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20210305 firmware update (V1.3q)
– Fix disconnection problem when using Standard mode on SEGA Saturn.
– Fix no vibration problem with using official wired Xbox360 controller and Switch Pro controller (wired)

Controller compatibility update:
– Astro city mini arcade stick
– MEGA Drive mini controller
– Toodles_Cthulhu_Multi-Console_PCB

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Saturn and Dreamcast are the common memory of a generation, and now we provide more ways to tap the potential of these two consoles. Now you can use?Xbox Series X|S (wired use,?additional 5V power may be needed on Saturn), Xbox One, Xbox 360,?PS5, PS4, PS3,?SEGA Astro City mini, MEGA Drive mini?controllers on them, and the Switch Pro controller, Xbox Elite controller, Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, Xbox adaptive controller, even Retro-Bit Saturn USB controller,?Standard USB Keyboard(DC Only),?Astro city mini arcade stick,?Toodles_Cthulhu_Multi-Console_PCB,?NACON DAIJA arcade stick?are all supporable.

?Support to backup DC VMU on PC

  • On PC, hold down Start +Up for 2 seconds
  • Execute Brook_Dreamcast_VMU_SL_Tool_202011109_2.exe, you can backup DC VMU on PC with this software.
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