GSX 1N Hitbox Crossup

GSX1: India’s premier arcade stick/Hitbox/Mixbox, crafted with 1st Grade Acrylic for durability and style. Elevate your gaming with precision and unbeatable performance.
Weight: 2600gm
Dimension: W18″xD10″xH2.7″


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Introducing GSX 1N, India’s premier Made In India Stick for the ultimate gaming experience:

1. Premium Acrylic Build:
Crafted from Grade A acrylic sheets, the GSX 1N offers superior durability and a sleek, transparent design. Upgraded to 8mm and 4mm sheets, it ensures enhanced strength and resilience.

2. Optimal Dimensions
Measuring W16″xH2.7″xD10″, the GSX 1N is designed for comfortable and precise control, providing the perfect balance between portability and functionality.

3.Customizable Colors:
The GSX 1N is available in a variety of color options, which you can see when adding the GSX 1N to your cart.

4. Seamless Assembly:
The GSX 1N features a glue-free, screw-only assembly, ensuring a sturdy and reliable build without any hassle.

5. Detachable Cable:
Equipped with a Detachable USB Type B system for easy connectivity and optimal performance

8. Versatile Styles
Compatible with Arcade Stick, Hitbox, Mixbox, and Crossup styles for a personalized gaming experience.

7. Portable Design:
Includes a stainless steel handle for easy transport, enhancing convenience and functionality.

8. Stable Gameplay
Non-slip rubber pads on the bottom ensure a secure grip during intense gaming sessions.


9. Package includes:

  • 8 Acrylic layers.
  • 1 USB Extender.
  • 1 USB Cable.
  • 1 Screwdriver.
  • 1 Nose Pliers.
  • 1 SS Handle.
  • 1 Allen-Key.
  • Extra sets of nuts and bolts provided for hassle-free assembly.


Explore our website to customize your GSX 1N with buttons, levers, PCB, and wiring. Elevate your gaming setup with GSX 1N – where precision meets performance.

Elevate your gaming setup with GSX 1N. precision meets performance.




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