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GSX1: India’s premier arcade stick, crafted with 1st Grade Acrylic for durability and style. Elevate your gaming with precision and unbeatable performance.
Weight: 2600gm
Dimension: W18″xD10″xH2.7″

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Introducing GSX1, India’s premier Made In India Stick for the ultimate gaming experience:

1. Crafted with top-tier 1st Grade Acrylic using Laser Cutting technology:
The GSX1 Arcade Stick Box, crafted from Grade A acrylic sheet, delivers an excellent gaming experience and enhanced product durability to customers. Its transparent nature showcases vibrant LED lighting and intricate design elements. The scratch resistance and impact resistance of Grade A acrylic sheet make the GSX1 long-lasting and of premium quality.


?2. Dimensions of W18″xH2.7″xD10″inch:
The GSX1 Arcade Stick Box, measuring W18″xH2.7″xD10″inch, is meticulously designed for an optimal grip. With these dimensions, it ensures a comfortable and ergonomic hold, enhancing your gaming control and precision. Compact yet spacious, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for gamers seeking a seamless and immersive experience.


3. Available Colours:
GSX1 presents a dynamic choice with initial options of White-Red and White-Black. But why stop there? Customize your gaming style by selecting from a variety of colors, putting you in control of your gaming aesthetic. Elevate your gaming setup with the perfect personalized touch.


4. Zero use of glue for a seamless design:
GSX1 boasts a design devoid of any pasting hassles ? it’s crafted for assembly using only screws. This ensures a robust structure, emphasizing reliability and ease of construction. Say goodbye to adhesives and welcome a hassle-free, screw-only assembly that adds durability and simplicity to your gaming experience.

5. Detachable Cabel:
GSX1 features a Detachable USB Type B system, allowing users to effortlessly connect and disconnect their cable for the fastest response. This professional design ensures convenience, flexibility, and optimal performance, empowering gamers to tailor their experience seamlessly.


6. Availabe GSX1 Styles:
Versatility defines the GSX1, accommodating Arcade Stick, Hitbox, Mixbox, and Crossup styles for a personalized gaming experience. Tailor your setup to match your preferred style, ensuring a professional and adaptable gaming interface.

7. Easy to Carry:
GSX1 features a stainless steel handle, seamlessly blending functionality with portability. This ergonomic addition ensures effortless transportation for the customer, enhancing the stick’s overall convenience and providing a professional touch to its design.


8. Non Slip Rubber Pad:
GSX1 prioritizes stability with the inclusion of non-slip rubber pads on its bottom side. This meticulous design choice ensures a secure grip during gameplay, offering customers a seamless and hassle-free experience without any concerns of slippage. Elevate your gaming confidence with GSX1’s thoughtful attention to detail.


9. Package includes:

  • 8 Acrylic layers.
  • 1 USB Extender.
  • 1 USB Cable.
  • 1 Screwdriver.
  • 1 Nose Pliers.
  • 1 SS Handle.
  • 1 Allen-Key.
  • Extra sets of nuts and bolts provided for hassle-free assembly.


If you are interested in acquiring the GSX1 case and require essential components such as buttons, levers, PCB, and wiring, we invite you to explore our website. Ensure a seamless purchase process by adding these parts to your cart according to your preferences. Our user-friendly interface is designed to enhance your shopping experience. Thank you for considering our products.

Elevate your gaming setup with GSX1 ? precision meets performance.

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"White-Red", "Black-Red"

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