[IST] clear bat grip

  • Compatible with IST Alpha 49s and Alpha N
  • Original IST product
  • Fast Home Delivery
Color Blue , Green , Red , White


Color Blue , Green , Red , White


It has the same compatibility with LB-30N parts.

Any lever that has a tab on the lever bar and the handle can be removed by turning it is compatible.

(Alpha Lever, Knee Lever, Sanwar Lever, Seimitsu Lever, Kdong Lever, Infiltration Lever, Rotary Lever, etc…)

It is not compatible with levers that cannot be separated because the lever bar is integrated with the handle.

(Existing Samdeoksa 303/307/309 series lever, Fanta lever, etc…)

? The product may have small dents, stains, and scratches during processing, and this is not a product defect.

For cracked or broken products, we provide exchange support within 7 days of purchase.



Color Blue , Green , Red , White


Color Blue , Green , Red , White

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