Ultimate 4K HDMI GAMING Stick for TV: Your Gateway to 10,000+ Games

Experience gaming nirvana with our HDMI Gaming Stick! Loaded with 10,000+ games, customizable settings, and effortless downloads, it’s your ticket to endless entertainment.


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4K HDMI Video Game Stick Console:
– Latest video game controller offering top-notch gaming content and experience.
– Open Linux source code system, with options of 32GB or 64GB card, preloaded with 3000+ or 10000+ games respectively.

Package Included:
– 1 x Game Stick Console
– 1 x Wireless receiver
– 2 x Controller
– 1 x Charging cable
– 1 x Manual
– 1 x HD cable
– 4 AAA Battery for controllers.

Support Download Games By Yourself:
1. Game list featuring PS1/ATARI/MAME/SFC/FC/GBA/GB/GBC/MD simulator games totaling 3000+ or 10000+ games.
2. Game history and record list, organized by time of entering the game.
3. Game collection allows users to easily manage favorite games using the R2 button.
4. Game search function enables searching by English full match or keyword, as well as Chinese first letter queries.
5. Game settings for key tone adjustments, viewing local files, restoring default settings, checking system information, and exiting settings.
6. The product does not come charged; handles require 2*AAA batteries for operation.
7. Language options include Chinese/English, accessible by pressing and holding the [select key + start key] simultaneously to enter the background settings.

Download Game Steps:
1. Download game file.
2. Connect the TF card to the computer using a card reader.
3. Copy game files to the corresponding emulator folder.
4. Insert the card into the game console, close it, and power it on.
5. Locate your game and start playing, utilizing the search function if needed.

– Product Type: Game console
– CPU: Dual-core cortex-A7
– Memory: 32G/64G (optional)
– Material: ABS
– Interface: HDMI
– Operating system: 64-bit
– Weight: 395g
– Power supply mode: 2*AAA (not included)
– Packing size: 28*18*7cm
– Supported simulators: MAME/FC/GB/GBA/GBC/MD/SFC/PS1/N64/ATARI2600/ATARI7800




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