IST Knee Lever

What’s Included

  • ISL-69S-B KNEE Lever Body
  • ?ROX Dragons? Laser Engraved Bat Top
  • Anodized Aluminum Black 7.25mm Shaft
  • Revised?Red 15.5mm Actuator
  • IST 35A Knee Lever Edition Rubber Tension Grommet
  • Spanner Wrench For Shaft


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During the early months of 2019, Knee, a prominent Tekken player from South Korea, collaborated with IST to develop his own distinctive arcade lever. This venture was undertaken under the banner of team ROX Dragons, with valuable input provided by both Knee and fellow team member Chanel. After incorporating their insights, the lever is now ready for players to experience.

The design of the Knee Lever is characterized by its sleek black anodized shaft. Differing from the standard 9mm diameter of most levers, this shaft measures at 7.25mm. Consequently, users can anticipate an extended range of motion from the central position to the outer edge of the flat restriction collar. To ensure precise inputs in both cardinal and diagonal directions, the shaft is partnered with a red 15.5mm actuator, which interfaces seamlessly with OMRON V-152-3A5 switches. In terms of tension, the lever utilizes a specially crafted version of IST?s 35A grommet. This grommet delivers gentle tension while enabling a swifter return to the neutral position, a trait commonly associated with heavier models.

From a visual standpoint, the Knee Lever stands apart from other Korean levers available in the market. It showcases a transparent red bat top that features an intricately etched ROX Dragons logo. The mounting plate, designed to accommodate both Japanese and Korean configurations, also embraces the striking red aesthetic. This plate proudly displays the ROX Dragons and IST logos in harmony.

For your convenience, each Knee Lever is supplied with a spanner wrench. This tool serves the purpose of tightening the top or replacing it as needed. The upper section of the shaft has ample clearance, allowing the wrench to be maneuvered effortlessly.




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